Hi There! My name is Sarah and I’m a Melbourne graphic designer specialising in food and wine. I’ve always been a creative, and always enjoyed food and cooking. I began cooking when I was about 10 – my dad was a stay-at-home father, and his inability to cut steak in the right direction drove me to take over in the kitchen. Must be the perfectionist in me.

My parents have always encouraged a love of food in my two sisters and I, treating us to many dinners out growing up, especially at Asian places. My mum has always had talent in the kitchen, but over the years has given way to her young daughter, allowing me to take over family events such as Easter and Christmas, which you will no doubt hear about!

I love Middle-Eastern spices and will adore anything laden with cumin. You may also notice a fondness for pumpkin, lemon tart, and teriyaki chicken. Recently, I have been trying to gain some sweet skills (pun intended), as I have always been more of a savoury cook.

Please let me know of any recipes or ingredients you would like to see me cook!

To contact me, send an email to sarah[at]melbournefoodfiles.com

2 Responses to About

  1. Marc Sorensen says:

    It has just occured to me that the blog i’ve been following with a couple of other friends is actually that of my cousin..!!! Keep up the good work Suz….


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