Mother of all Meat

167 Swan St
Richmond, VIC
03 9041 5393


I’m not going to like it I thought as the ribs were set infront of me. I wouldn’t allow myself to like it because of all the crap we’d put up so far: waiting a hour for a table after a muck up from the maitre d; being told that only half the menu was available since a large group had gobbled up the last of the pulled pork and brisket. With two strikes already how could I possibly tell you that this place is any good? Well, I can.

Meatmother, an American BBQ style bar/restaurant located on Swan St Richmond, delivers exactly what the name promises: a motherload of delicious meat. With a casual bar set-up downstairs and a sit-down restaurant upstairs with communal tables, the paired-back modern space is relaxed yet sexy: the mix of timber and concrete with unique art by Fitzroy’s Urchin Associates sets the tone for a night of laid-back dude-food.


Canadian head chef Yannick Dagenais dishes up American favourites such as pulled pork, brisket, and ribs with flare and a level of finesse not usually associated with this kind of food.

Faced with the prospect of going hungry the night we visited,  I begrudgingly chose the short ribs ($21.00). Each main comes with Texas toast – thick cut toast lightly fried in fat – and your choice of side. From a list consisting of classic American favourites such as BBQ beans, mac and cheese and mash with gravy, I chose the chipotle slaw.


So how were they?

Damn good. I couldn’t argue: the ribs were good. Really good. Mouth wateringly, eat it with a spoon tender, good. Bastards. The slaw too was really good, and a few home made pickles on the plate were a nice touch. OK they had me. The service was shit but the food was great.

We did eventually get to try the pulled pork when Bf-B and I went back a few weeks later ($19.00). For an extra $11 you can even get extra meat which of course Bf-B opted for, shown below with a side of BBQ beans.


Along with the mains there’s a few extras to pick at if you’re not satisfied with your meat. We tried the chicken wings ($6.00) and ham hock croquettes ($6.00), both of which were pretty good, but don’t worry if you don’t get to try them.


They do have a few American-style desserts on offer: when we visited we tried the frozen key lime pie ($8.00) and the sticky toffee pudding ($8.00). Both weren’t bad, though I always prefer citrus over stodgy pud anyday.


So turns out I do like ribs. I really like ribs. Well, at least the ones from Meatmother anyway. Go during the week when it’s not too busy and you’ll get a table and decent service. But be weary of visiting at peak hour on the weekend.


Oh, and slather everything in hot sauce.

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4 Responses to Mother of all Meat

  1. Kaz says:

    Great to see your bag online MFF … I’ve missed you … 🙂 x

  2. Kaz says:

    That should read ‘back’ online … x

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