141 Maling Rd
Canterbury, VIC 3126
(03) 9830 7915

Well, it’s not long now till Christmas, 4 days in fact. I hope you are all a lot more organised than me – I only ordered my meat from the market yesterday, when usually I have my menu sorted and everything ordered by early December!

Before I start this post, I just wanted to remind everyone that I’m on Twitter and Instagram (follow me @melbfoodfiles). Sometimes, I don’t have the time to write up every single place I visit or dish I make, so for some extra Melbourne Food Files news make sure you follow me!

Now on to the post.. My Dad, Father-T has been raving about BeetweenUs for a while, and asked that I share it with you all today. We met for lunch one day with Sister-E at the cute little cafe, situated on Mailing Rd in the leafy suburb of Canterbury.

When we arrived, the friendly staff were already fawning over Father-T. Lapping up the attention, he ushered us over to his table where 3 menus were already sitting. Sister-E ordered a long black as we decided what to order.


At the table next to me, a woman had ordered some sort of fritters. I scoured the menu to determine what they were: zucchini fritters served with tzatziki. I was torn between these and the house salad, so Sister-E and I decided to share both.

A generous serve of fritters arrived a short while later. Deep fried, their crispy casing was suitably matched with the creamy tzatziki. When I served Sister-E her half though, I noticed the tzatziki that had been dalloped between fritters had hardened and become almost like a cheese. I was annoyed that I had given Sister-E the top fritter, as it was the only one where the tzatziki had not hardened. Without the moisture from the tzatziki they were a little dry, though I guess I only have myself to blame!


The BetweenUs salad, comprised of chicken, beetroot, fetta, and rocket, was a tasty dish with a lot less guilt associated with it than the fritters. Grilled pieces of chicken tenderloin, which had been marinated in a few herbs and spices, were nicely cooked and went well with the sweet beetroot and salty fetta, always a winning combination.


Father-T went for a dish I also had my eye on: the calamari salad. Served with chopped lettuce, roast capsicum, olives and fetta, the Mediterranean flavours were exactly to Father-T’s tastes, and he polished it off eagerly.


To finish, Father-T ordered a cappuccino which the staff kindly upsized for him. I don’t think this photo does justice to the size of the coffee, which Father-T couldn’t finish. He offered his admiration to the barista for the work that had gone into decorating his coffee.


BetweenUs is a friendly little cafe with a menu that while not extensive, is packed with crowd pleasers. The coffee is good, the staff are friendly, and the fitout is clean and modern. Definitely one of the better ones in the Mailing Rd shopping strip.

BetweenUs coffee food wine on Urbanspoon

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