Exploring a new neighbourhood: Galleon in St Kilda

9 Carlisle St
St Kilda, VIC 3182
(03) 9534 8934

Yes I know, I know. I am a bad blogger. Making promises I don’t keep about posting more regularly. Don’t think I don’t feel guilty about saying I would “churn them out” and then not following through. It’s just things have been super busy! So my apologies to all of you out there who have been hanging out for a new post – hopefully this one won’t disappoint.

Recently, my pal Miss N moved out of home and into a swank new apartment in St Kilda. I was dying to see it, so we made plans for a tour of the new place before brunch one Saturday morning. After a quick show around, we made our way down the road to local institution, Galleon.

Galleon according to their website is “one of Melbourne’s original modern cafe’s”. Conceived in the post-war era, the place doesn’t look like it’s changed much, with it’s roman blinds and 50’s-diner-style tables and chairs – a nice change from the ‘edgy industrial feel’ that’s so cool these days. With a relaxed atmosphere and extensive breakfast menu available till 3.45pm, it’s not surprising that people are lining up for this place.

We got there around 12-12.30 Saturday morning, which to me should be post-brunch-time-rush, but still had to wait 10-15 minutes for a table. We were given the ‘boat table’, a triangular table jutting out from the wall. With a group of guys sitting closely behind me, I struggled to pull my chair in to the table, but the novelty factor saw me overlook this inconvenience.

Coffee to start: Miss N ordered a large mocha, which arrived in a tall glass looking more like a hot chocolate than coffee ($4.40).

I of course went for my usual skinny latte ($3.50). It was good enough, though nothing I would rave about. There was perhaps a little too much head on it, and as Mother-K would say “the tide was out” (excuse the nautical pun there).

After ordering food, Miss N and I chatted happily for a while as we waited for it to appear. And waited. And waited. After a while we both thought they may have forgotten us, as the place began to empty with still no sign of our meals. But alas, rather than making a scene, our patience was finally rewarded with two attractive looking plates.

Miss N chose the pancakes, served with banana, pistachio praline, vanilla bean ricotta and maple syrup, one of four toppings available ($12.50). A great heaping dollop of vanilla ricotta sat atop three spongey little pancakes, adorned with pistachio praline and icing sugar. It was exactly what it should be: generous in size and flavour, and with plenty of maple syrup served to the side.

I meanwhile chose the smoked salmon and avocado breakfast bagel ($8.80). I was a little amiss when the waitress told me that was it: just salmon and avocado on a bagel. Where’s the cream cheese?? The Spanish onion?? Thankfully, they had no problem including them as sides ($1.50) as I couldn’t imagine a bagel without cream cheese.

I liked Galleon, with it’s quirky finishings and easy going atmosphere, though I was a little unimpressed with how long we had to wait for the food. That said, it was reasonably priced and well executed. Worth a visit if you’re a local.

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4 Responses to Exploring a new neighbourhood: Galleon in St Kilda

  1. Mother-K says:

    Cream cheese is a must when having lox in a bagel … can’t believe you had to order it as a ‘side’ … bit mean if you ask me :(

  2. tamyraptor says:

    I’d be pretty peeved if my bagel came without cream cheese AND I had to wait ! You’re a generous reviewer ;)

  3. Lobster says:

    You have better patience then me. I didn’t take to the Galleon at all, food not great, service not coping with the numbers, bits of hard crusted stuff between the fork tines … I could go on… Next time (if there is one) I might try the bagel, though I agree with Mother-K – having to order cream cheese with lox as an extra is too nuts

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