Miss T’s Birthday at Porgie’s

Porgie and Mr Jones
291 Auburn Rd
Hawthorn, VIC 3122
(03) 9882 2955

You may remember a little while ago, I made chocolate cupcakes for my friend Miss T’s birthday. Well, to celebrate her special day, we went to Porgie and Mr Jones on Auburn road, her favourite breakfast spot.

I’ve previously written about Friends of Mine on Swan St, Richmond, which is run by the same guys. They also run Snow Pony in Balwyn, and while I’ve been, I haven’t yet gotten round to taking some lovely photos for you all.

Miss T has been in love with Porgie & Mr Jones since I introduced her to it maybe a year or so ago. Since then, it has become our go-to place for brunch (in fact, we were there just this weekend gone!). She favours the McPorgie, a gourmet take on the McDonalds McMuffin made with ham, Emmental cheese and scrambled eggs. Each time we go we have the same debate: one McProgie is not enough, but two is too many. But at $4.90 each, ordering two is still a bargain breakfast, even if you don’t finish both.

The other alternative is to fill up on a hot chocolate, as Miss T so often does. With tonnes of chocolate sitting at the bottom, you can stir in as much or as little chocolate flavouring as you like.

I’m not so predictable with my ordering and tend to mix things up, as there are plenty of breakfast options to choose from. On this occasion, I got the scrambled eggs with goats cheese with a serve of mushrooms. You want to hear something amazing? I have not always been a fan of mushrooms. In fact, I used to hate them. But one morning at Porgie’s I got the P & MJ (their equivalent of a big breakfast) which comes with mushrooms. As they don’t do alterations on the weekends, I thought I’d give them a go.. I LOVED THEM. They cooked them with butter and herbs, making them utterly delicious. Porgie’s single handedly made me like mushrooms. True story.

The coffee is usually pretty good too.

Along for some good eatin’ were Bfs M and B. My Bf-B ordered the Porgie’s classic of smashed avocado with mushrooms and feta with an optional poached egg. He polished it off quick smart.

Miss T’s Bf-M ordered the aforementioned P & MJ, which comes with poached eggs, bacon, tomato, mushrooms, and smashed avocado. If you are hungry, this is what you order. You will not be disappointed.

I think it’s pretty obvious the affection both Miss T and I have for Porgie’s. The food is consistently good, the staff are friendly and helpful, and I feel as though I am eating breakfast in someone’s living room (the place has been converted from an old house and still maintains separate rooms, giving an intimate feel).

They’re open for breakfast and lunch, but offer a 2 or 3 course dinner menu ($55 or $70) on Friday and Saturday nights, bookings are essential. I’ve been with the girls one Saturday night and was a little disappointed – the food was slightly salty and not as good as I’ve come to expect from their breakfast and lunches.

My ONLY criticism is the wait on weekends. I hate knowing that I have to wait up to 30 minutes to even get a table there. Plus waiting time for food. But sometimes you just think hell, it’s so worth it.

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2 Responses to Miss T’s Birthday at Porgie’s

  1. tamyraptor says:

    I love porgies and I love this review! True story ;) xxx

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