Family Fun at Maedaya

400 Bridge Rd
Richmond, VIC 3121
(03) 9428 3918

Ok, so I’m beginning to get a bit of a backlog of posts recently since I’ve been super busy, so I’ll do my best to churn them out! First up is a family trip to Maedaya on Bridge Rd.

Sister E left for her Eurotrip weeks ago, but before she left the family decided to get together and have dinner to say goodbye, Sister E’s pick. For some reason, she thought it was a good idea to take the parentals to Maedaya, a sake & grill similar to a Korean BBQ.

I arrived with Sister A to find Father T halfway out the door on his way to buy a bottle of wine. Apparently a new waitress who’s first night it was had told him it was BYO. Boy was he disappointed when he came back with a bottle of Pepperjack to be told she was wrong. Not only is the place not BYO, but they also don’t serve wine at all. My parents threatened to walk out then and there, but Sister E convinced them to give it a try. Neither a fan of beer, they had to make do with a pot of tea.

Still seething from the no-wine incident when our first dish arrived, Mother K was even less impressed by the cook-it-yourself style of eating. Although Maedaya does offer an a-la-carte menu, the main attraction here is definitely the Japanese BBQ upstairs, where a little grill is placed on each table and the customer is left to cook their own meat and veggies. A selection of sauces are also available on each table, allowing you to create and customise your meal as you please.

There are a range of proteins and vegetables to grill on the menu. We went with a large mixed platter ($33.50) which came with various cuts of pork, chicken, and beef, as well as some sausages, mushrooms, cabbage, zucchini, and capsicum.

But it was all a bit hard for Mother K, who found herself suffocating from the smoke of the grill. Although there is a vent above each table to draw the smoke up, our table happened to sit right between two, meaning there was no where for the it to go.

Hungry and impatient for our food to cook (it takes a while on those little grills), we decided to order a few items a-la-carte. Gyoza is always a family favourite, and we wolfed down two serves with ease ($6.80 for 6).

We all love sushi, and so Sister A chose the Salmon Roll ($14.50) and the Spicy Tuna Roll ($14.50) to share. It was freshly made and delicious, though a little difficult to eat. A little big for one bite, when taken with two the thing just fell apart.

Also ordered was the Sumiyaki Set, a selection of small skewers which went down well ($16.80). Each one was unique in a different marinade or sauce. Sister E fiercely protected a meatball she had pulled off and placed on the grill to cook further.

And finally, we had the Agedashi Tofu, fried cubes of tofu in a clear broth with a few veggies, simple stuff ($6.60). I love tofu, and this one didn’t disappoint.

After dinner, we meandered up the road to get our wine fix from the Collection Bar, which seemed to sooth my parents only slightly.

A few weeks after this dinner after Sister E had left, the remaining family and I had dinner again. On choosing where to go to eat, Mother K stipulated “After the fiasco that was Maedaya it had better have really nice ambience and food. I don’t want self-service cook it yourself in a smoky room”. Direct quote.

While Mother K and Father T weren’t impressed by Meadaya, I get the feeling it’s really only for a certain crowd. The grill might make a great talking point in awkward moments on a first date, and I’m sure some people out there drink beer (myself included).

Just don’t take your wine-drinking parents.

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3 Responses to Family Fun at Maedaya

  1. Mother K says:

    Beautifully writtten, my thoughts exactly 😦

  2. simulacrum says:

    A couple of points here:

    ” Neither a fan of beer, they had to make do with a pot of tea.”
    – This restaurant has one of the greatest assortment of sakes of any venue in Melbourne. The owner is a sake expert who publishes a blog about sake and can recommend a sake to suit any taste or to match any dish.

    “Although Maedaya does offer an a-la-carte menu, the main attraction here is definitely the Japanese BBQ upstairs”
    – I’d say the main attraction is the yakitori bar downstairs, where a huge assortment of skewers, marinated and expertly grilled over coal for you. Though Japanese BBQ is, as you say, offered upstairs (as in many Japanese izakaya style restaurants) it certainly isn’t what this place does best.

    From the sounds of things your parents aren’t fans of the yakiniku/asian bbq style dining, so it’s perhaps a function of choosing the wrong genre, rather than this restaurant being a poor example of that particular genre.

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