Amazing Mexican from Fonda, plus a lesson in bad photography..

Fonda Mexican
248 Swan Street
Richmond, VIC 3121
(03) 9429 0085

So, I nearly didn’t post this as I have yet to learn how to take photos in bad lighting (is it me or the camera? Probably me). But the food is just so good I had to tell you all about Fonda Mexican in Richmond.

I’ve been twice now to the groovy Mexican eatery on Swan st. The first time I visited, it had recently opened as a tiny hole-in-the-wall type place that could barely contain it’s patrons. Nowadays, it has engulfed the shop next door and become a modest size restaurant. Even with the added tables though, there’s still a queue out the door come 7 o’clock as Fonda forms part of the no-booking-brigade. It seems Melbournians can’t get enough Mexican, with the likes of Señorita’s, Mamasita and Paco’s Tacos opening within the past year or so.

Both times I’ve visited Fonda I’ve been with Bf-B, an avid lover of Mexican who knows what he likes (and isn’t afraid to tell me). On this occasion, we were both quite hungry and decided to order a bunch of things to share.

To begin, I wanted to try the fat chips with chipotle aioli ($6.00). While individually the chips and the chipotle aioli were great, I wasn’t a fan of how they served them pub-style with the aioli already slathered all over the chips. They went soggy and weren’t as good as they could have been. Bf-B was especially disappointed with these: “They’re just chips” was all he remarked. Though I did love the chipotle mayo..

From the burrito menu, we chose the grilled chicken with quinoa, salsa verde, corn, queso fresco and cabbage ($13.50). We went chicken, as Bf-B had his eye on the braised beef brisket tacos ($5.00 each) and we thought we should mix things up. Think we should have gone the beef option though, as while the chicken wasn’t bad, it was bland when compared with the beef we had on our previous visit. The tortillas were lovely and soft – they’re lovingly made up the road at the Convent Bakery in Abbotsford.

The beef tacos though proved a hit. We ordered one each and I devoured mine in record time. Like the burritos, I loved the texture of the tortilla, which was soft and spongey, and served warm. So many places are doing these wrong, so I really appreciate when they are good!

Finally, we oredered the chorizo quesadilla with queso fresco, jalapeno and salsa roja to share ($12.00). Yum. Perfect on a cold night, the combination of cheese and chorizo is definitely not for the feint of heart.

So again, apologies for the terrible photos that don’t do the food justice, but you really must try Fonda. Get there early before the crowd hits after 7. My only complaint would be that all our food arrived (speedily) at once, meaning some of it went cold before I got to it. But I’m reaching to find fault.

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