Breakfast in the Cafe Vue cave

Café Vue
430 Little Collins St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
(03) 9691 3888

Guess what my loyal readers?? I’ve moved out of home (finally)! How exciting! So excuse my lack of posting as of late, but I have been SUPER busy setting up my dream kitchen with new plates, knives, bowls, pans, pots.. the lot. Oh what a cooking nerd I am! But onto the post..

The other morning, I met Miss H for breakfast at Cafe Vue (the one on Little Collins). I make this clarification, as there are five Cafe Vue’s in various locations around Victoria, each with their own personality: there’s this Cafe Vue on Little Collins St; another at 401 St Kilda Rd; one at Hiede Gallery, Templestowe; and two at Melbourne International Airport. It’s a stretch to call them a chain, though I suppose they are, because each one feel so unique and special.

Run by Shannon Bennett who is arguably one of the best chefs in Melbourne, Cafe Vue is the little sister of the fine dining restaurant Vue de Monde. Recently relocated to the Rialto, Vue de Monde has also spawned the less formal Bistro Vue, which took up residence alongside Cafe Vue in Normanby Chambers, Little Collins St when Vue de Monde was moved.

I thought given the reputation of all the “Vue” ventures, my Cafe Vue would be busy, but when I arrived at 7.30am  I was shocked to find it near empty. Even when we left at about 8.30am it was still empty. Shocking still, because the food is actually really good.

Maybe it’s because the coffee is quite ordinary. Our skinny lattes, which came in cappuccino cups, were not creamy at all, and quite strong; I thought perhaps they might be using a Nespresso machine.

To eat, I ordered the Provençal omelette, which came with Rodriguez black pudding, capers, and a mini baguette ($16.00). It was a nice combination, with the salty capers helping to season the soft black pudding and creamy eggs. The mini baguette was a nice touch too.

Miss H ordered the bircher muesli, which came with seasonal fruit (in this case figs) & Schulz organic yoghurt ($12.00). There’s not much you can do with bircher museli to be honest, but I loved the addition of the fresh figs which Miss H had never tried before. It’s nice to see a change up from your typical strawberries/mango/compote additions..

I didn’t mind Cafe Vue. The food was well considered with a subtle French twist, but the coffee was quite average, and the place itself quite dark. Perhaps it would be nicer in summer when you are trying to escape the sun, rather than trying to soak up all the rays you can.

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