Breakfast Bagels from Manchester Press

Manchester Press
8 Rankins Lane
Melbourne, VIC 3000
(03) 9600 4054

I always forget how good bagels are, so dense and satisfying. Recently, Miss H and I met for breakfast bagels at Manchester Press. I know it seems like the only meal I eat at the moment is breakfast, but I’ve been so busy lately that it’s about the only time I have free to venture out to eat!

Manchester Press is located down a little alleyway off Little Bourke, near Hardware Societe. Owners Issy Shaked and partner Nir Kalif opened the place over a year ago, and the place has been booming ever since. Previously a gallery, the large space has been decked out in industrial chic – though I feel my chair may have fallen off the back of a truck, and then been run over a few times until it reached just the right level of dilapidation.

The Press is known for their custom coffee blend, 8oz (a standard coffee size) which they fly down from Queensland twice a week. Shaked and Kalif plan to supply to other cafes further down the track. It’s nice enough by my standards, inoffensive though perhaps a little milky for those looking for their morning wakeup.

Specialising in bagels, they have a variety on offer from the traditional smoked salmon and cream cheese, to the more outlandish avocado, feta, chilli & mint with cherry tomatoes, roquette & pine nuts. All are around the $12 mark and come with a typical side salad. They also have a small selection of salads available as well as a few breakfast options, which on this occasion we decide to skip in favour of the main attraction: bagels.

Miss H chose the goats cheese bagel – huge chunks of goats cheese crumbled roughly, topped with a roquette and roast capsicum salad and finished off with pesto. It’s a nice option for vegetarians, but still satisfying for a carnivore like Miss H.

I meanwhile chose the smoked salmon bagel, with dill cream cheese and capers. A huge mound of salmon tops my toasted bagel, which has been spread generously with cream cheese – it’s nice to see places not being stingy these days.

I would only suggest a visit to Manchester Press if you’re a bagel fan, because otherwise you’re not left with many options. I’ve read a few reviews that complain about the service from rude “hipster” waiters, though I haven’t experienced it for myself. Maybe I’m just used to them, as it seems you can’t be a barista these days without a decent beard. Definitely worth a venture down this laneway.

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One Response to Breakfast Bagels from Manchester Press

  1. tamyraptor says:

    i hate rude hipster waiters :( but i love bagels :)

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