Paco’s Yummy Tacos

Pacos Tacos
Level 1 500 Bourke St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
(03) 9663 3038

A little while ago, Bf-B and I went to Movida Aqui for dinner. As we were walking up the stairs to the courtyard where the restaurant lies, Bf-B’s eyes lit up as he said “is that where we’re going?”, pointing to a crowd of business types standing around Paco’s Tacos. “No,” I replied, “we’re going there,” directing his attention to the Movida Aqui entrance. While Movida Aqui was delicious and very enjoyable, I could tell Bf-B was pining to be outside, drinking beer and eating tacos with the rest of them. So a little while later we visited the open-air taco bar run by the guys from Movida.

It was great weather the night we went (not like the crap we’re getting now) so a beer and a taco after work sounded like a great idea. We somehow managed to nab a seat at one of the few undercover tables, and ordered a few beers while we read the menu.

The menu is short, but includes all the essentials: BBQ corn ($6.00), Nachos ($12.00), Chicharrones/pork rinds ($10.00), and a few specials, but the main star is of course the tacos ($6.00 each). There’s a good selection that caters for almost all tastes: pulled pork, marinated chicken, marinated fish, prawn, or beans for the vegetarians, all of which come topped with coriander, cabbage and spring onion.

In the name of research I tried nearly all of them, the exception being the prawn. I think I should have maybe stopped at 3 but Bf-B somehow convinced me to match him with 4…

We order them 2 at a time. First up, the pork and the chicken. The tortillas are the proper corn variety, but are served cold – I think they could have done with a few minutes in the oven to soften them up slightly. The pork turns out to be Bf-B’s favourite, though I’m more a fan of the chicken. The fresh lime adds a nice zing so be sure to spritz some on!

Next up: Fish and the vegetarian beans. The fish comes deep fried, while the beans are slathered with guacamole and sour cream. The beans, though a little messy, win this round for me, though the fish isn’t bad.

Somehow, Bf-B who is still hungry cons me into ordering the nachos. And of course, again in the name of research, I try them. By now it has gotten dark so you will have to excuse my photography, but you get the idea: corn chips topped with salsa, sour cream and guacamole. Nothing special really, but great to snack on with a beer.

Paco’s Tacos is a great spot if your after a drink and something to nibble on after work. I probably wouldn’t suggest visiting if you are after a proper meal, as there are so many great Mexican places around these days, but you just can’t beat the atmosphere here on a Friday night after work.

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