2 of 3: Goldilocks

169 Camberwell Road
Hawthorn East, 3123
(enter via Stanley Place)

(03) 9831 1799

Part 2 in my series of “What’s new in Camberwell from Paul Mathis” is Goldilocks (click here for part one). Situated down an alleyway off Camberwell Road at the rear of Firechief (my final post in this series), you may not have even noticed it existed. But there lies a darling little cafe boasting a great little menu and a more intimate space than the aforementioned Coffeehead.

The first time I visited, I went with with my sisters A & E for brunch. I started with my usual skinny latte – strong but slightly bitter on this occasion. I have been back since though and haven’t had the same problem.

To eat, I went for the fried eggs with pulled pork, asian salad & herb chilli salsa ($16.90). The pulled pork and asian slaw made nice change to more traditional egg accompaniments. I loved how fresh and crunchy the slaw was- it was a nice way to start the day. The pulled pork, meanwhile, had been squished into a pattie and fried, rendering it a bit of a mess (though a tasty one), while the herb chilli salsa helped amalgamate everything together.

Sister A decided on the sous-vide poached eggs served on sourdough with a side of homemade baked beans ($8.50+$4.50=$13.00). The slow-cooked poached eggs looked amazing, and on return visits I have had them – a must if you go. The sous-vide poaching means the yolk doesn’t just ooze all over the plate so that you leave half of it behind. It becomes thick and gooey, like caramel. I don’t think I’ll be able to return to regular poached eggs after these. Luckily for me they seem to be becoming more and more popular with all the trendy new cafes!

Sister E also went for the sous-vide poached eggs, though opted for a side of avocado and chorizo ($8.50+$3.50+$3.50=$15.50). Chorizo makes a great alternative to the traditional breakfast sausage, with the avocado countering it’s slight spiciness nicely.

Apart from a range of egg options, Goldilocks also offers porridge (how could it not!) served with a variety of sides including stewed fruits, nuts or yoghurt. For lunch, there’s a range of salads, mains, and a selection of freshly made pides for those wanting lunch on the run.

It looks as though they make their own cakes as well, with a nice selection available next to the pides. Somehow I’ve managed to stay away from trying any of them thus far..

In the few times I’ve visited Goldilocks, I am always really happy with my experience. It’s not one of those places you have to line up outside for hours to get a table, and yet the food is equally as good. It’s definitely on my shotlist of places I’m visiting frequently on the weekend.

Goldilocks on Urbanspoon

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