Girls night out at Cafe Rosamond

Cafe Rosamond
191 Smith St (enter via side street)
Fitzroy, 3065
(03) 9419 2270

Last Thursday, Bonnie suggested we have a quintessential girls night out and visit Cafe Rosamond for one of their extravagant dessert nights. A tiny cafe just off Smith st, it is usually only open for breakfast and lunch, however, come Thursday people are literally lining up out the door for a taste of chef Pierre Francois Roelofs’ imaginative creations.

We arrived at 6.30PM and joined the queue with about 6 or so groups ahead of us, and by the time 7PM arrived, another 30 people had joined behind us. As the line began to move, we were disappointed when we got to the front to be told the place was full, and it would be an hour or so before their next sitting (the place is seriously tiny, with only 6 or so tables, so get in early if you except to eat right away). However, as most of us hadn’t had dinner having come straight from work, we took the opportunity to grab a quick bite at Peko Peko just a few doors down. We ordered a bunch of gyoza and a few sharing dishes and eagerly awaited the call from Rosamond that our table was ready.

At 8.15PM after an hour and 15 minutes of staring at Bonnie’s phone willing it to ring, we decided to call and see how much longer it would be. Luckily, a table had just become available, so we rushed back to Rosamond to claim it.

Having been hanging out for over an hour for dessert, we decided we had to try the 4 course degustation menu ($49 per person). The menu changes weekly depending on what is in season, however, the test tubes that arrived first are always available, with a different flavour combination every week ($9 each). This week it was apple, custard and a crumble mixture – Yum! The classic flavour combination here was delicious, and I was sad it was little more than a mouthful. But the theatrics of the dish definitely made me eager to see what would come next.

After a long pause the next dish arrived. It was beautiful, with dominant flavours of citrus and rum. The others complained the rum jelly was too overpowering, however, I thought the balance was perfect. Little specks of coconut and crumble mix added an element of crunch. Delicious!

After another long pause came the next dish: coconut, vanilla and plum. Delicate milky bubbles sat atop icy vanilla granita and a creamy custard, topped off with popcorn. This one Bonnie couldn’t stomach – the bubbles were too much for her. I found the flavours of this dish interesting and worked well, however, as I’m not a fan of foams and the like, I felt cheated as the bubbles disappeared as they hit my tongue.

For the final course, served in a giant bowl was a attractive medley of rye, caramel and caraway. This was my least favourite dish taste-wise, and we all thought there was something ‘old’ about it – perhaps the flavour of the rye. I found the caraway meringue to be too overpowering and unpleasant and I was bitterly disappointed that this would be the dish we finished on.

Overall, I was a little disappointed with the dishes that night. The bubbles of the second dish while impressive, left me unsatisfied, and I think perhaps the flavour combinations of the last dish were a little sophisticated for me. However, as the menu changes weekly I would definitely return. The atmosphere and beautiful presentation made for a special, memorable night.

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2 Responses to Girls night out at Cafe Rosamond

  1. Tam says:

    your photos look great but there isn’t a single one of those desserts that i would willingly eat lol! give me some good ol’ chocolate souffles every time ;)

    • Sarah says:

      …To be honest I’m not huge fan of souffle either. Anything that disappears in my mouth when I eat it I don’t like on account of feeling cheated!

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