Camera lesson at Coin Laundry

Coin Laundry
61 Armadale St
Armadale, 3143
(03) 9500 1888

Over the Queen’s birthday long weekend, Mr D and I celebrated by visiting Coin Laundry. I’d heard about Coin Laundry a while ago, but was waiting for the buzz to die down before visiting. But even though it opened in September last year, people are still making their way in droves through the back streets of Armadale to find this laundromat-turned-cafe.

We arrived about 12PM, and waited about 20 minutes for a table. During this time, Mr D was nice enough to give me a basic lesson in photography. Father-T had given me his Nixon D40X after upgrading to a newer model, however, even after months of playing around with it, I was still clueless. So Mr D brought along his Canon digital SLR to teach me the basics of aperture, ISO, shutter speed, and white balance. Hopefully in the coming weeks you will see an improvement in my photography skills!

When we took a seat, I was pleasantly surprised when our waiter, rather than reprimanding Mr D for taking photos, quizzed him about his impressive looking camera. I’d always been too scared to openly take photos when dining, however, I think as food blogging becomes more common, restaurants and cafes are becoming more accepting of it. I did notice a few patrons give Mr D a few side glances as he took photos though..

We started with coffee – Allpress, and the baristas are good. Creamy, smooth, and not at all bitter. An excellent start.

For food, rather than opting for the fritters like I normally would, I decided on the coin laundry breakfast, with eggs, bacon, avocado, tomatoes, spinach and beetroot relish ($16.50) – mind you the manchego and corn fritters with guacamole, corn salsa and creme fresh ($15.50) looked amazing as they went by, and I almost reconsidered. But I was starving having gone to gym in the morning, so was glad to have chosen the more substantial option. Everything arrived perfectly cooked: the eggs were soft, the bacon crispy without being burnt, and the beetroot provided a subtle sweetness that balanced the saltiness of the bacon. Yum.

Mr D decided to make up his own breakfast, choosing scrambled eggs with a side of bacon, mushrooms, chorizo, and potato rosti. Again, everything was perfectly cooked. Mr D was nice enough to share his chorizo with me, which I thought was delicious, but failed to leave an impression on my very picky companion. As the waiter took our plates, I took the opportunity to grab a bite of Mr D’s unfinished rosti which again I found to be quite tasty but Mr D found ordinary.

Overall, I was very happy with our meal at Coin Laundry. I found the waiters to be chatty without overdoing it, the menu options were endless, and the food cooked to perfection. A great little place in an area that needs it.

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2 Responses to Camera lesson at Coin Laundry

  1. Mummy K says:

    Very impressive photography … very sharp pictures and the foods looks yummy … now I’m starving …

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