Worth the trip to Nahm

27 South Sathorn Road
Tungmahamek, Sathorn
Bangkok, Thailand
+66 (0) 2 625 3388

YAY! I’m sorry this has taken me so long to post! I have been very busy returning to work and catching up with everyone I missed while in Thailand but here it is: our amazingly awesome meal and Nahm, Bangkok!

Run by award-winning Australian chef David Thompson (author of Thai Street Food), Nahm Bangkok is the sibling of Nahm London, which was the first Thai restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star. I read about Nahm on the blog it pleases us while Bonnie and I were planning our trip to Thailand. As soon as I read the post I knew we’d have to pay it a visit while we were there. I’m soo very glad we did because it was probably the best meal (I think) that we had on our trip (and, dare I say it, the closest to real Thai food). I was a little scared to eat all the traditional stuff – Bonnie has a stomach made of pure cast iron, but I sadly do not. However, the meal we had at Nahm more than made up for my lack of cultural food experiences. It took us a while to get there by cab, even though it was only a short distance. The traffic in Bangkok can get crazy, and at 7 o’clock it was peak hour. Total chaos.

Upon arrival we ordered a champagne cocktail each (500 bhat or roughly $16.50 each, a little pricy for Thai standards, but not by our Aussie ones). I was missing champagne as we had only been sipping cocktails while in Phi Phi, which made these all the more delicious. Spiked with raspberry (or was it strawberry?), we downed 2 each easily.

We decided we were going to get the banquet (1,500 baht or roughly $50.00 each) and leave it to Nahm to order for us as the entire menu looked delicious. We were promptly brought an amuse bouche of Mah-Hor – mince pork and prawn in sweet peanut paste served on a slice of pineapple. Yum! Please excuse our photography.. not sure what happened with the photo quality!

This followed with a selection of appetisers (from top left): Sai Ooah sausage, Miang Som-O (pomelo salad on betal leaf), Pork scratchings with chilli relish and quail eggs, and finally Mee Krob. All were delicious, but I especially loved the betal leaves.

For our mains, we requested the coconut and tumeric curry of blue swimmer crab. I’m glad we did as it was amazing – my favourite dish of the meal! It was a beautiful yellow curry, and the crab was so sweet and moist. The curry leaves really added a fragrant hit – a real revelation for next time I am making Thai curry!

We also received a duck broth soup with mushrooms and basil, stir-fried prawns with bean curd and pork, deep-fried fish (mackeral maybe?), scallops with sandfire, a lemongrass salad with prawns, crispy squid and pork with toasted coconut, and finally another coconut curry with prawns. If it sounds like we had a lot of food, we did and while we may not have been able to eat it all, we did a pretty good job I think.

Following the terrific mains was another palette cleansing amuse bouche of apple served with a salt/sugar mix. Bonnie made the mistake of taking a big mouthful of the salty mix. Needless to say she excused herself to the bathroom for a little while as I laughed hysterically..

For the dessert, we both chose the sapodilla steeped in coconut cream with yellow bean and cashew nut pudding and deep fried shallots. Interesting to say the least. I wasn’t that sure it was a cohesive dish, but some interesting textures and flavours nonetheless.

All in all a delicious meal, and by Australian standards a real bargain! Definitely worth a visit if you are over there.

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