Why Mary should be proud

I’m sorry for the lateness of my post – I’ve been sick and so food has been the last thing on my mind.. anyway..

A little while ago, Miss R, Miss K and myself decided to have lunch on Smith St. Close to all of us, we decided to go to Proud Mary’s as Miss K was a bit short on time.

I arrived first, and took a seat in the corner on one of their stools. These seem to be popping up everywhere, much to my annoyance, as I prefer a back on my chair. A waitress swiftly brought over some water and menus, which I perused whilst waiting for my guests. It didn’t take long for them to decide once they arrived. It did, however, take our waitress a while to decide she was going to come back to take our order.

Miss R, feeling a bit naughty, ordered a delicious looking chocolate milkshake (it was a Friday after all…) Made with rich chocolate and proper ice-cream, she finished it up quick smart.

Miss K, feeling a bit more ethereal, chose the apple juice with mint. Made with fresh apples, the addition of the mint gave the drink an added zing.

Eyeing off their respective drinks, I was rather hungry by the time our food arrived, but I will say the food is worth the wait.

I chose the Jerk Squid Salad – a beautiful Caribbean-spiced combination of grilled squid (tenticles and all much to Miss R’s dismay!), tomatoes, Spanish onion, capsicum, avocado and mixed lettuce leaves. It was exactly what I was after – something light, flavourful and spiced with cumin..

Miss R opted for the Goat’s Cheese tart – dotted with plump cherry tomatoes and served with a simple green salad of peas and lettuce, it was definitely a good choice. It was great to see peas served as a salad ingredient, as they add a beautiful sweetness.

Miss K, hungry for a second breakfast, chose the Bircher Museli, topped with mangoes, strawberries, and slivers of apple. While nothing ground-breaking, the mango added a creaminess that complemented the gewy museli. I know, because poor K had not made it through her meal when she had to leave, and so I promptly offered to finish it for her.

While the food at Proud Mary is indeed good, I was a little disappointed with the service. This may be to do with the fact that Mary is indeed a very popular girl, demonstrated with the mile long queue out the door for her coffee. With a custom 6-group Synesso espresso machine and a row of grinders housing a variety of blends from 5 Senses, its only natural the place would attract a host of coffee worshipers, keeping the place buzzing with customers. Be sure to check it out.

Proud Mary
172 Oxford Street
Collingwood, 3066
(03) 9417 5930


Proud Mary on Urbanspoon

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