Woo for WaFu

Saturday night the girls and I decided to go out for a boozy dinner. I’m not going to lie – we brought 4 bottles of wine between the 5 of us. So we were in search of a place that was BYO and close by. WaFu fit the bill perfectly.

I’d been a couple of times before and had enjoyed the relaxed feel of the place. A tranquil water fountain and geisha dolls add a kitch touch to the place, without overdoing it. The dim mood lighting also meant my photos didn’t turn out that well…

We started off with assorted tempura (main size to share $13.50) and gyoza ($7.00) for an entree. I love gyoza, but I was a little disappointed with these ones – they tasted like store-bought and not home made. The skin wasn’t soft enought.

The batter on the tempura wasn’t as light and thin as it should have been. Instead it was thick, almost like a fish-and-chip shop.

For the mains we chose the special beef and vegetable dish served in a light broth (which I can’t for the life of me remember the name of), Teriyaki Chicken ($15.50), Oyako Don ($12.00) and Yasai Itami ($12.00).

The beef was a little stringy and nothing special. The teriyaki chicken however, which I love was delicious. The sauce was thick and sweet. The egg of the Oyako don worked well with the chicken, adding a creaminess and softening the overall texture of the dish. The Yasai Itami (stir fried vege) was a little oily, but was a nice mix of carrot, bok choi, bean shoots and onion and was cooked well.

Overall we had an enjoyable time at WaFu. It’s close and convenient and the food’s not bad. A decent local jaunt.

Wafu Japanese Restaurant
927 Burke Rd
Camberwell 3124
(03) 9882 9818


WaFu on Urbanspoon

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