About Us

Sarah Creative Director

I started Melbourne Food Files in 2010, when my friends and I decided to throw a Halloween party. I would spend days, even weeks, planning these elaborately themed dinner parties for my friends, and after they were over I was sad there I had nothing to show for it. Blogging became a way for me to document all my hard work and catalogue my recipes.

Since starting blogging, my friends and family nagged encouraged me relentlessly to get into catering. In 2016 my sister Amy finally pushed me hard enough to get started.

While I’m really more of a savoury cook – our younger sister Emily is the real pastry chef of the family – I have been trying to work on these skills, but still find it incredibly frustrating to follow a recipe. Mastering macarons was perhaps my career highlight.

Amy Business Director

I’m Sarah’s older sister Amy. I have always had a love for hosting my friends and family, and sharing in excellent food, wine and discussion. Last March I was married at my husbands’ farm in Somers and it was key that the food we served was delicious. Our menu featuring local meats and salads was served family-style – the best way to encourage conversation and engagement between friends.

While Sarah’s skills and responsibilities lie in cooking, designing and being the brand visionary, my role is to assist with the business direction and manage the day to day running of the business. Since living and working in the suburb of Richmond for the past 6 years, I’ve seen the area explode with an expansive selection of food choices of late – both take away and food market alternatives.

My days in the office can be long, but ensuring my meals remain top quality and appetising is still a key priority for me. With Sarah loving nothing more than devoting hours (or even days!) to cooking, my approach to cooking and hosting is better suited for time-poor Melbournians, who still want to enjoy delicious food options for every meal!