Melbournians love a festival, and when it centres around our one true love of food we flock in the thousands. We love to celebrate our ever-thriving food industry, and the Taste of Melbourne festival does an excellent job of championing our producers both large and small.

Celebrating it’s 10th year, the Taste of Melbourne festival or ‘Taste’ has found a new summer schedule this year, launching November 30th and running until December 3rd. Not only will it bring together some of Melbourne’s best chefs, restaurants, and artisanal producers, but this year fashion designers, graffiti artists, sculptors and illustrators will also be taking part in the creative fun.

We’ve collated a few of our picks at the festival, so make sure you head on down to the Yarra Park to get your Taste of the fun:

Opening Night Launch Party
Always the event of the festival, this year takes it to new heights with the 10 year birthday celebrations meaning an even bigger opening launch party. With canapés, sweet treats and drinks served, DJ’s to mix up some live tunes as well as a photo booth, this is a perfect “Thursday’s basically the weekend” event to get you excited for Summer.

Taste Tipis
It wouldn’t be a festival without a Tipi, and seeing as this MFF writer had one at her own wedding, it would be rude not to suggest that you visit the Taste’s Tipi Kata and it’s wide collection of flavours. From your very own Tipi, you and 10 guests can enjoy drinks and food from Melbourne’s top restaurants. A great Christmas Party idea for small groups

Cooks’ Corner presented by Meat and Livestock Australia
MFF is passionate about good quality and safely farmed meat. This year the Cooks’ Corner has been taken over by the crew at Meat and Livestock Australia where butchers will teach you about where your meat comes from, farmers will share stories about sustainably raising cattle and sheep, and you’ll learn how to prepare delicious recipes and which wines to match with them. Certainly a pick for those who value where there meat comes from

For more information, visit the Taste of Melbourne website:

Update: Due to extreme weather, the Taste of Melbourne has been cancelled this year