They may not be high on everyone’s list, but since I was lucky enough to fall pregnant back in March I have developed a serious love affair with Pickles. I enjoy nothing more than coming home after a hard days work, and devouring an incomprehensible amount of Savoy Crackers topped with Cracker Barrel Cheese and Pickles as a pre dinner snack.

If you type into Google, “The most common pregnancy foods” you’ll find pickles are nearly on every list. There is something about the levels of salty sweetness, mixed with sour, and in some cases spice that make it the perfect snacking item for any pregnant woman. But my love affair didn’t just start when I became pregnant though, more just ensured I increased my consumption of them.

Since my consumption has increased, so has my interest in just what are the best brands of pickles out there. Below are my top 3 pickles that need to make their way into your fridge:

McClures Pickles
At about $20 a jar, these don’t come cheap. But boy are they gooooood! They come in 3 flavours, Garlic Dill, Spicy, and Sweet & Spicy with my pickle of choice being the Spicy. They have the perfect amount of crunch, texture and sourness to excite your tongue and I am a keen fan of chilli – so this addition just makes it the perfect pickle in my book
Brooklyn Brine & Co
I was gifted these by my gorgeous girlfriend Bec, who after learning of my Pickle Obsession insisted I try her all time favourite – the NYC Deli Style pickle. Certainly pays itself more to the “American style” recipe but is a fresh twist on a NYC classic.
Fletchers Sweet Cocktail Gerkins
These pickles are perfect for the sweet tooth in all of us, and offer the perfect amount of pint sized crunch to layer onto any biscuit and cheese combination. I’m quite nostalgic for this brand as it reminds me of my childhood, so making it the perfect pickle for those who aren’t so favourable to spice.