Naked for Satan
285 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
(03) 9416 2238

Okay, so we’re apparently the last blog in Melbourne to review this place (but we’re new so expect to be forgiven :)).

Naked for Satan is a Basque-style pintxos bar which opened up late last year in Brunswick Street; its named after Leon Satanovich who (according to the website) operated a  distillery on the premises during the 1920s, concocting the vodka in little more than his underwear – check out the alleged photo of him on the back of the bar menu… a fraction unsettling if not fascinating.

Naked for Satan serves up infused vodka with a novelty food system that requires primary school maths only, all contained within an impressive fitout comprising distillery equipment that is as shiny as a 12-piece trombone band.

As it was only a Saturday afternoon, i ordered a glass of the Tinto De Verano which is cited as the Basque alternative to Sangria ($8 a glass; $16 for half a litre and $28 per litre). The Tinto De Verano was delicious and whilst the ingredient list is not as long as typical Sangria, i thought it had more of a kick to it…definitely something i could drink a litre of, and an excellent accompaniment to the food.

The food in question is primarily hot and cold pintxos, with hot pintxos being circulated by staff on odd occasion and cold pintxos presented at the bar. Each pintxos is perched on a baguette slice and skewered with a toothpick.

Pintxos (pronounced ‘pinchos’ and spelled with an ‘x’ in Basque to add to the confusion) are snacks commonly served in Northern Spain. Naked for Satan has a self-serve honour system – you’re free to grab a plate, load it up with as many pintxos as you like and at the end of the day (or night) the bar staff will count up the number of toothpicks and charge you accordingly. At $2 a pintxos, the food is amazingly cheap (not to mention the weekday lunch special from 12pm-4pm where pintxos are 50 CENTS (!))… you could come here on a thursday afternoon and eat 7 pintxos for $3.50 – which is less than i paid for parking…

Our favourite pintxos were the smoked salmon with pickled onion, eggplant chip with blue cheese and honey, wagyu bresaola and corn and cheese croquettes. The corn and cheese croquette was a hot pintxo, and i barely got a photo of it before it got eaten by Mr. G. He assured me that it was delicious which was not entirely helpful, as no more seemed to be coming out of the kitchen anytime soon.

We ate a total of 13 pintxos between the two of us which was more than enough for lunch, and it only came to a measly $26. I had no more room for the chocolate, cointreau and mousse canolli but i’ll definitely be back to sample it (and some of those infused vodkas!)

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