Little Big Sugar Salt
385 Victoria St
Abbotsford, VIC 3067
(03) 9427 8818


Ever been to brunch and can’t decide what to order? Little Big Sugar Salt have come up with an ingenious way to help you decide. The entire menu – laid out as a ‘mostly healthy food pyramid’ – lists smaller items at the top and larger items at the bottom, with sweeter items are on the left, and savoury on the right. Simple, right?

LBSS, the first venture from Charl Laubscher, Erika Geraerts, Morgan Green and Adam Houston, opened late last year on a strip of Victoria St where you’d more likely expect to find Pho than poached eggs. What’s more, the tiny establishment, laid out within the confines of the original workers cottage it inhabits, runs from a tiny kitchen located behind the coffee machine at the very entrance. Here you can watch the team, run by Isaac Paurini, create some top notch nosh.

Feel like something not to big and on the savoury side? The “Keyword Tasty” towards the top right fulfills your needs ($15.00). Drawing on the inspiration surrounding them, the guys top your regular avo and feta mash with kimchi, finishing it with quinoa and a poached egg, the resulting dish an balance between Melbourne’s hipster brunch scene and the Asian cuisine of Victoria st.


A little hungrier? Try the “Secret Garden” ($15.00). Spoiler: it contains broccoli, broad beans, peas, asparagus, baby chard, pesto and goats cheese, topped with a poached egg. The optional trout (+$2.00) or bacon (+$4.00) make it more substantial, sliding it further towards the ‘big’ end of the scale.


But if you’re truly looking to be fulfilled, try the “Sir Ron Swanson” ($19.00), so good it’s “the first toastie to ever receive the Order of Merit” according to the menu. Deliciously filling, this bad boy is stuffed with pickled onions, braised leek bechamel, slow-cooked ham hock and loads of gruyere cheese. Arise! Sir Ron indeed.


From the sweet side of the menu, there’s classics like crumpets made special with the addition of peanut butter, maple syrup, banana and blue cheese ($13.00); or Cacao Pops, made in house with vanilla coyo, fresh berries and almond milk ($13.00).

This establishment caters for just about everyone, making note of gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian items. Those going gluten-free rejoice: there’s pancakes made with blueberries and ginger, topped with coconut vanilla ice cream, maple syrup and seasonal fruit ($18.00) just for you (any anyone else really).


The drinks menu is even divided between hot and cold. On the hot side, the coffee (from Wide Open Road) is available black or white, with almond milk or soy. There’s also a range of teas available, or an almond milk hot chocolate. From the cold side: a range of cold coffees, virtuous waters (coconut or Antipodes sparkling), or a choice of purple or green smoothies.


In an era where Melbourne Cafes have to do just about anything they can to stand out, LBSS is certainly doing things differently. The menu, while short, is solid and seemingly has all tastes covered, catering to the health obsessed, superfood-fueled crowd.

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