I Love Dumplings
298 Bridge Rd
Richmond, VIC 3121
(03) 9428 9201

MFF_ILoveDumplings_01It isn’t a new restaurant, or one with a famous chef, but I Love Dumplings on Bridge Rd, Richmond, delivers exactly what you’d expect with a name like that: delicious dumplings. Located opposite the Richmond Town Hall, the place is minimalist and modern, with a subdued Asian feel. Exposed brick walls, dark wood and fat, plush chairs give an luxurious quality not usually associated with dumpling houses. But this is a kind of new age dumpling palace.

The menu is extensive, featuring all your traditional Liaoning style favourites including chicken or pigs feet and blood tofu. But it’s the dumplings that are the star attraction. There’s plenty to choose from available either steamed or fried, but the steamed dumplings in Sichuan chilli sauce take the humble dumpling to a whole new level. You can have any of your favourites with the sauce: pork, lamb & beef or chicken & prawn, but the seafood are the standout ($7.50/6pc, $13.80/15pc).

MFF_ILoveDumplings_04MFF_ILoveDumplings_03Even if you’re not into dumplings, the main dishes are pretty tasty too. The fried eggplant with sweet chilli sauce ($16.80) is exceptional, and sure to turn even the meanest of carnivores into an eggplant fan. This meaty vegetable is served thick cut in a thick, sweet sauce with thin shavings of carrot and herbs that might almost make you believe this dish if healthy.

MFF_ILoveDumplings_EggplantOther meat centric dishes like the stewed beef in hot soup ($19.80) are also good. The broth the meat arrives in is warm and comforting, perfect for the winter weather. Don’t be scared by the chilli floating at the top: eat around it and you won’t have a problem with the heat.


There are plenty of dumpling houses around Melbourne, some good, some bad. But I Love Dumplings is a particularly good one that goes above and beyond what the name promises. Be warned: the service can be a bit hit and miss, and there is often a long wait on the dumplings, but they are well worth the wait.

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