Hellenic Republic
26 Cotham rd,
Kew, VIC 3101

Incase you hadn’t heard, at the end of last year St Katherine’s in Kew closed it’s doors and reopened as a second Hellenic Republic. Like the original, opened by George Calombaris in 2008 in Brunswick, the food here is traditionally Greek with about 85% of the menu identical to it’s precesessor.

Starters such as olives in extra virgin olive oil and Pastourma (air dried beef) served with feta and peach will tickle your tastebuds, but the Saganaki with peppered figs and the Taramosalata (white cod roe dip) will really get your mouth watering. The tarama isn’t your typical lolly pink, but rather a creamy white which makes an excellent accompaniment to the triple cooked chips. The sweet and peppery figs are an excellent accompaniment to the saganaki, making for a dish that will draw in those this side of the yarra.




Like the former St Katerine’s, there’s a char grill and spit selection with offerings such as grilled prawns, fish of the day, chicken or lamb. Don’t order the prawns unless you’re prepared to get your hands dirty though: they come with the shell on, in keeping with the simple, unfussy style of menu.



For sides, you can expect to see some old favourites that have made their way from Brunswick, like the Hellenic slaw with cabbage, balsamic, and honey, sprinkled liberally with Kefalograviera cheese; and the popular grain salad with pulses, nuts, yoghurt and pomegranate seeds.



If all that hasn’t filled you up, there’s a good selection of sweets including the iconic Hellenic doughnuts, Galaktoboureko semolina custard pie with orange & samos syrup, or the unconventional watermelon and feta salad.

If sweets are your thing, you’ll be happy to know that a large area of floor space has been set aside for a coffee and pastry shop called Sweet Hellenic, due to open in June.


If you enjoyed St Katherine’s and were sad to see it go, you needn’t fret: this reincarnation makes local many treats convenient only for those on the other side of the yarra. And if you thought Colambaris was ready to put his feet up and enjoy his success you’d be mistaken, as yet another Hellenic is set to open in Williamstown in June. Opa!

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