Meat & Wine Co.
482 Riversdale Rd
Hawthorn East, VIC
(03) 9882 8728

MFF_Meat&WineCo_CounterHey guys! Sorry for my long absence. Life has just been a bit crazy lately what with juggling job hunting and freelance work. But hopefully things will be settling down soon 🙂

Bf-B and I love a good steak, and when we heard that one of our favourite steakhouses, Meat and Wine Co. in Southbank was opening a sister restaurant close to home in Camberwell, we were sure to keep an eye on it’s progress. Well, it’s finally opened on the corner of Burke and Riversdale road and I must say we are both pretty happy about it.

The moment you walk in, you’ll forget you’re in boring old Camberwell. The sleek, modern black and timber interior transports you someplace far more exotic. Located in a heritage-listed bank site, architects Wood Marsh have created a truely beautiful space, with everything well considered down to the smallest detail.

The menu at Meat & Wine Co. features an array of high-quality meat and seafood, including a selection of flame-grilled skewers, ribs, and burgers. But what you’re really here for is the steak: Meat & Wine Co. have even gone so far as to create their own Monte beef brand, sourcing premium breeders of Angus cattle and monitoring their beef ‘from paddock to plate’. Choose from either Monte Select (120 grain-fed), Monte Gold (150 days grain fed, Marble score 2+), or Monte Dry-Aged (Pasture-fed), but if you’re feeling really indulgent, try their range of Wagyu steaks (450 days grain-fed, Marble score 6+).

There’s also a good selection of starters including Szechuan calamari, Southern-style chicken wings, or the oven-baked field mushroom stuffed with feta, one of a handful of vegetarian options. With a name like Meat & Wine Co. though I’m not sure they’d be getting many vegetarians walking through the door.

Bf-B and I chose the Mediterranean halloumi to start – grilled halloumi with roasted zucchini and eggplant, rocket, lemon oil and balsamic ($12.00). It’s hard to go wrong with halloumi, and this was was a good effort. The char marks gave the creamy cheese a crispy casing, which would have benefited from some fresh lemon. The grilled vegetables were a nice addition that helped to create a well rounded dish.

MFF_Meat&WineCo_HaloumiWell there’s no guesses what we had for mains: we both had the 500g Wagyu Rump steak which came with chips ($48.00 each). For an extra $4 each, we both added a sauce: I went for green peppercorn, while BF-B opted for the African hot chilli, which lives up to it’s name. The steaks were perfectly cooked, and absolutely huge. There is nothing I can fault about them. If you are in need of an iron hit, this is the way to go.

MFF_Meat&WineCo_SteakBf-B eyed me rather strangely when I asked for a side of brocolli and carrots ($9.00). As much as I like my meat, it gets a bit monotonous without some sort of vegetable I think, though Bf-B finished his meal without touching a single one. I was a little disappointed with the unimaginative selection of sides, though, which I feel were the only let down of the night.

MFF_Meat&WineCo_VegeWe were wayyyy to full to even think about dessert, but if I hadn’t been I might have opted for the tasting plate, which included chocolate and pistachio fondant, peach melba, vanilla creme brulee, cardamom yoghurt panna cotta and vanilla bean ice cream ($29.00).

With good service and speedy food, Bf-B and I are keen to go back and stuff ourselves with steak again very soon.

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