A couple of weeks ago, I attended the World’s Largest Yum Cha, held in Treasury Gardens. With me were Sisters-A&E and Father-T. Over 750 people attended and were treated to a feast of Chinese delicacies supplied by Chan’s Yum Cha. Presiding over the festivities was none other than Masterchef contestant Dani, who popped up every now and again to update us on what was being served.


First to be served were Prawn Hargow, a classic dumpling that according to Dani, is said to be a dish that the skill of a dim sum chef is judged on. Each person was served 4 each – that’s over 3,000 dumplings served simultaneously. Given this, I was surprised at the quality of the dumplings. The prawn filling was tasty and they had been cooked well, though were a little cold. But that’s to be expected with so many to serve.


Next up, prawn toast. It was always a favourite of mine when I was little, but on this day I felt it was a bit stogey and oily. But I guess that’s the nature of prawn toast. They were beautifully crisp though, and there was no shortage of them on offer.


By this stage I was beginning to feel full, but I didn’t want to let the team down – there were officials coming round after each course to count how many items we were eating. So I dug into more prawn dumplings and some shitake ones. I was pretty sick of prawns by now, so it would have been nice to see some with chicken or pork. I don’t know how anyone with a shellfish allergy would have gone..


Up next came some pork buns. I must remember to remove the paper from these before biting into them… Is it just me? Again, I was surprised at the quality of these, given how many went out. While a little sweet, the dough was soft and spongey, and Sister-E hoed into them eagerly.


To finish up, a miniature serve of banana fritters. Father-T is always a huge fan of banana fritters, and always orders extra caramel sauce. So he was very disappointed when these didn’t have any at all. The little tub of vanilla ice cream that came along side it was pretty cute though, and very refreshing on a warm day.


As we ate, we were treated to some traditional Chinese entertainment, including martial art displays, dance routines, and Chinese dragons, which helped add to the atmosphere. You could hear the laughs and gasps as the dragons made their way down the aisles of people, somehow squeezing between chairs whilst standing on each others’ shoulders.


All up it was a great day. The weather was beautifully warm, and we each scored a goodie bag containing a bamboo steamer, soy sauce, spices and chop sticks each. The previous world record was well and truly smashed, and I’ll be looking forward to going back next year to break it again.


Disclaimer: attended as a guest of Chan’s Yum Cha at Home and Spice & Soul.