Bouzy Rouge
470 Bridge Road,
Richmond VIC 3121
(03) 9429 4348

If you read my blog regularly, you may remember my family trip to Maedaya in Richmond. For those that don’t (and you should), it was not a successful venture. While the food itself wasn’t bad, the whole cook-it-yourself style of the Japanese BBQ was really not my parents thing.

So the next time we went out as a family, Mother-K requested we try somewhere with “really nice ambience and food. I don’t want self-service cook it yourself in a smoky room”. Father-T too stipulated somewhere with a “bit of style”. Back and forth went emails with suggestions of Mexican, Japanese, Chinese etc, until Mother-K suggested Bouzy Rouge in Richmond.

Mother-K had recently visited Bouzy Rouge with partner H, and raved about it. In particular, she mentioned the slow-roasted lamb, even requesting a recipe from me to replicate it at home. I was also keen to try Bouzy Rouge, as I had visited a couple of times for drinks but never for food.

We met at Mother-K’s place for a drink first, before heading to Bouzy Rouge for dinner at 8. Love a place you can book. When we arrived, the place was full which was surprising to me for a Monday night. The place is rather eclectic, with animal heads, swords, and chandeliers decorating the long, narrow room.

To begin with, Mother K let me choose some starters to share. I liked the sound of the bacalhau batido – whipped salt cod served with grilled flat bread ($12.00). I’d had whipped cod roe a few weeks previously from the Builders Arms Hotel on Gertrude st, so the though of ‘whipped’ fish didn’t faze me, though I understand why it would put people off. It was actually delicious, kind of salty (dah) and warm with the texture of eggplant dip, without being overly ‘fishy’.

I also wanted to try the duck liver parfait served with quince paste and toast ($14.00) as I knew Father T would enjoy it. Out came a little jar or parfait which looked so cute on the board surrounded by thin slithers of baguette. There was plenty of it too which was good, though we did need to ask for more bread (doesn’t that always happen??).

Sister A was keen to try the warm roasted beetroot and pumpkin salad, with candied hazelnuts, persian fetta and endive ($16.00). My family thought this was a very ‘me’ dish as it’s something I would make at home. They’re right, I love pumpkin and fetta together. Actually, I love fetta with anything. The sharpness of the endive was also a nice counter point to the creaminess of the fetta and pumpkin.

Since Mother K had been raving about the slow-roasted lamb, we of course had to order it for the main. Also on offer that night, however, was suckling roast pig which I was keen to try, so we order one of each to share between the four of us.

The lamb was amazing – melt in your mouth tender and juicy. Accompanying it was a little plate of condiments including tatziki, red onion, and jus which was great. A small bowl of minted peas also arrived, which went perfectly with the lamb, though equally well with the pork.

The pork was also delicious, with crispy crackling and juicy meat. The fat had been rendered perfectly, which can sometimes be an issue when ordering pork, though was skilfully handled here. The pork arrived sitting on a bed of shredded cabbage, and was accompanied by some roast potatoes and plenty of jus.

Stuffed from the previous courses, we still managed to fit in a dessert to share between us. We ordered the creme catalan ($16.00), again per Mother K’s orders. I love creme catalan, so was a little disappointed as I found this one a little grainy. Mother K told me this was probably because it was thickened with corn flour rather than gelatin. Mother K also complained that it had not been served warm, though no amount of arguing could convince her that this would melt the custard..

I really enjoyed our trip to Bouzy Rouge. There was a great selection of starters to choose from, and the ones we had were great. The main course too was mouth wateringly good. The only disappointment was the dessert, so perhaps next time I will go with the chocolate fondant. The parentals too were happy and enjoyed a lively conversation with a man whom I think was the owner about the wine list.

It’s not a cheap dinner, but definitely worth the money if you’re looking to eat well.

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