Vinh Ky
114 Victoria St
Richmond, VIC 3121
(03) 9427 7768

For dinner on Mother’s Day, Sister A suggested we try a Vietnamese/Chinese restaurant called Vinh Ky on Victoria St that was recommended to her by a Vietnamese family she tutors. Since it came so highly recommended by Vietnamese natives, I went with high expectations.

I met my family (plus Mother K’s partner H who was filling in for Father T) for dinner at 6.00PM Sunday night. They had spent the afternoon at the football, watching North Melbourne loose to the Western Bulldogs and so were sad and hungry. They had already ordered starters to down their sorrows by the time I arrived.

First came the prawn spring rolls ($6.90 for 6). Beautifully crispy without being oily,  you could definitely taste the spongey prawn meat inside. But to me, a spring roll is a spring roll really, so I anxiously awaiting what was to come. I barely had time to take a photo before the family snapped them up. They do come as a serve of 6..

Next, shredded pork rice paper rolls ($6.90 for 4). I don’t know how these could be considered “pork” flavoured, as I couldn’t actually taste any meatiness. They came with the typical Chinese plum dipping sauce (not pictured) which I love and spooned over every mouthful.

For the last starter, my family had ordered san choi bow ($6.90 each). Always a family favourite, it was tasty, if not a little messy.

For mains, I chose the sizzling scallops, which came with mixed veggies ($18.90). I was disappointed to see that the chef had sliced the scallops thinly, rendering them pretty devoid of any seafood flavour. I did, however, enjoy the mix of veggies it came with and the accompanying sauce.

Sister A chose the fantastic chicken with garlic, spring onion, ginger and black bean ($15.90). Taste wise it was very traditional, and the meat was beautifully tender and moist.

To round off our mains, Sister E chose the chilli pork ($13.90). I wasn’t impressed with what arrived: gewy, translucent pale pieces of pork in an almost fluorescent sauce. It didn’t make me want to leap in and start eating it, though it tasted better than it looked.

For sides, Sister A requested the Chinese brocolli with oyster sauce, which arrived beautifully green and tender, perfectly cooked ($11.90). We also ordered steam rice (not pictured.)

Being Mother’s Day, we had to order dessert, so from the short list of options we chose to share two banana fritters ($5.90 each). Nice crispy batter encased a slightly under ripe banana, served with two scoops of the usual Chinese restaurant ice cream.

I wasn’t overly impressed by my visit to be honest. Somehow, while I was eating I felt like I had tasted everything before. While everything was well cooked and tasty, it lacked originality. Very traditional food at reasonable prices, but I wasn’t wowed.

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