This Saturday morning my dad and I went searching for the new iPhone 4 so that I would have a sneaky camera to take images for this food blog. After searching everywhere, Vodaphone finally came through with the goods and I am now the proud owner of a G4 (previously I had the G2 so is a BIG step up for me).¬†After our successful morning, and a quick trip to the nursery to buy an ‘instant herb gardern’ as my father put it (more on that later), we headed to Liar Liar to refuel.

Everyone has long been raving about the place, but as a Camberwell resident, I rarely travel to Glenferrie rd with Burke rd so close to me. This morning, however, I had Liar Liar in my sights.

Upon arrival, my dad and I were quickly greeted and shown to a seat in the window (I love to watch the people walk by). I’m actually glad we were put in the window seat, as the place can be quite dark towards the back.

As we were perusing the menu, 2 lovely little old ladies came and sat beside us. With such a ‘trendy’ vibe, I was pleased to see they were treated with as much care and respect as any of the other patrons. A few seats over, I noticed a man with his two children trying to decide what to have for lunch – while this place may have the ‘it’ factor, it definitely does not have the pretentious vibe that scares many regular folk off.

I settled on the Pea & Fetta Fritters ($14.50) with roasted vine tomatoes & honey roasted garlic cream dressing. I opted to add the salmon for an extra $2.50. My dad meanwhile, chose the Pigs Might Fly ($14.50), which featured twice cooked pork hock, melted aged cheddar, tomato, rocket and seeded mustard on sourdough. Like father like daughter, my dad chose the additional fried egg for an extra $2.00.

I was very very happy with my choice. The fritters were soft and fluffy, and thankfully came as a decent serving of 3. The smokiness of the salmon worked perfectly with the subtleness of the fritters – which may or may not not be so special on their own – while the creamy dressing worked to tie the whole thing together.

When asked if he liked his meal, my dad answered with a simple ‘yes’, obviously to engrossed in his food to bother elaborating. I think that said it all.

Barely two words were spoken during our meal, but I think we both agreed the food was good. Very good. I will definitely be making the trip to Glenferrie Rd again soon.

Liar Liar
90 Kinkora Rd
Hawthorn VIC 3122
(03) 9818 8864


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