Bread & Jam for Frances
1/701 Glenferrie Road
Hawthorn, 3122
(at the back of Reading’s Bookshop)

(03) 9819 2122

Over the weekend, as Bf-B and I were meandering around Glenferrie Rd we decided to visit Bread & Jam for Frances for “brunch” (I use quotation marks as it was clearly lunch time). But that’s the joy of brunch – no judgement.. The place is a cute little cafe attached to the back of Readings bookshop, and thus is named after a book with the same name. They have a good selection of breads and cakes available, as well as a few breakfast and lunch options.

Bf-B chose the haloumi served on toast with a warm tomato and capsicum sauce. The dish looked delicious, and as Bf-B is an avid fan of haloumi cheese, it was a good choice for him!

As I still considered it my birthday week, I splashed out and ordered the ricotta panacakes. I wasn’t enticed by the side options of either bacon and maple syrup or lemon and sugar, and so I asked the waitress if I could have them served with berries. She politely obliged, and I was treated with two little ramekins of berries and stewed rhubarb. The rhubarb was AMAZING and I loved that they brought out the whole bottle of maple syrup (I love to drown my pancakes in the stuff). I finished these well before Bf-B had eaten his meal! It’s not a huge serving though, but was just enough for me!

It’s a quaint little place with friendly staff and a nice, unpretentious atmosphere. It was full inside, and so we sat outside. The waitress did offer us a table indoors when one became available, which we declined as it was a nice day, but I love that they didn’t leave us forgotten! She also apologised for the wait, which was only 15 minutes or so, shorter than many of the other places I’ve been! Good for those days spent wandering / meandering / pottering about Glenferrie Rd.

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